Sharking…Quite possibly the best video ever created.

May 2nd, 2007

I wasnt able to put this on YouTube because of the nudity.  This one is a ‘not safe for corporate world cube viewing’ for those of you still grinding it out in the rat race.    This Sharking hopefully sweaps the world and we have more Sharking incidents.  Check out to see the latest in Sharking happening around the Globe

The begining of

January 2nd, 2007

This site was created because there were too many great videos out there that would one day be forgotten.   There are also so many damn videos that there is no one place to go for the funniest videos that literally make you fart/shit/piss yourself.  I think I remember seeing the Sharking Video for the first time with some people and my buddy laughed so hard that he let out a massive explosion….thus the name was born.    Enjoy the videos and if you have any videos that you think are worthly please pass them along.  Also pass this website to your friends because the more input the better on sometime like this.